Toddler Care

Help your toddler become a Shooting Star

Toddlers are infinitely curious and love to learn. Give your toddler the opportunity to learn and grow while having fun at Shining Stars Child Care. With a curriculum focused on helping your child understand the world around him or her through cognitive, physical and emotional development, our Shooting Stars program is the perfect solution for your toddler.

Staff with kidsResponsible, certified staff

You can have peace of mind knowing your toddler is in the care of experts. All instructors are required to take health and safety, child abuse and communicable disease classes and are First Aid / CPR certified.

Playing kidsStimulate your toddler’s overall development

Our staff members are first aid and CPR certified for your peace of mind!

Call today to enroll your toddler into our Shooting Star program.


Indore play toolsFreshly remodeled facility

Toddlers love to explore their environment using all of their senses, especially touch. Our clean and newly remodeled facility helps keep the spreading of germs and bacteria to a minimum, promoting the best health and wellness for your toddler.

  • Cognitive development for cause and effect, memory and attention

  • Social development through expression, awareness and language

  • Fine and gross motor-skill development

  • Free and outdoor play (weather permitting)

  • Art and music exposure


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